Sailors of Sustainability

  1. We look for calm in the movement, contrast and creativity.
  2. We do not live in the past or in the future but just in the present.
  3. We are female and male both.
  4. We live the life loving and looking for the beauty.
  5. We are all different but we have a common essence.
  6. We support sustainability, inclusivity and equity.
  7. We are not free to do what we want, we are free from our fears.
  8. We look at the face our shadows, we bright our lights.
  9. We are able to stay alone, we cannot stay alone.
  10. Courage, audacity and innovation drive us against conventions and discriminations.
  11. We come from different cultures but together we are on the same ship of the life.
  12. We live to die, we die to live.

Alè Alè


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