My father gave me a digital camera when I was a child and since then I start to take pictures of what surrounding me, in particular flowers. Photography was a way to discover the environment around me in a creative way and learn new things. I start to take photos of my dog, she was a perfect model but I was not still sure how to take pictures of people and ask them permission for that. So I used to take pictures of my family, girlfriend and friends. I really like portraits, it is a way to know other people and so myself. I start to take pictures of unknown people but many times it has been difficult to ask permission also because I did not want to ‘loose the moment’. Over time I understand that it is important to ask a permission, define a relationship and give credits to the subjects. I think that authentic photography is possible when we define a genuine connection with the counterpart, who is “another I”. Photography is an instrument to know our shadow and transform it in light but the key for it is the relationship.
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